Need to Connect Mattru Jong to Digital Economy

It is now very evident that developing countries that invest in broadband infrastructure exhibit dramatic results. Broadband is not only about economic gain. A number of studies have shown how internet connectivity can improve lives in social and welfare capacities, such as enhancing health and education services, creating enhanced government services, and increasing productivity. Mattru Jong, is a typical town in Sierra Leone. It has a population of approximately ten thousand, and is facing the most vexing problems of illiteracy and youth unemployment. The town does not have high speed broadband access and there are no imminent plans to invest in a reliable internet infrastructure in the near future. Without a new out­of­the­box initiative that infuses new skills and ideas into the community, Mattru Jong, along with similar towns in Sierra Leone, will continue to face a bleak future.


African Youth Movement (AYM)’s Vision

AYM was established as a nonprofit NGO by Abu­Hassan Koroma who emigrated from Sierra Leone to the USA in 1991. His objective was to create employment opportunities.

Bring Computer Education To Mattru Jong!

Technology is at the center of AYM programs in Mattru Jong.

AYM received the Google Grants for nonprofits in May 2013. The Grant provides a suite of online productivity Apps that allows nonprofit organizations such as AYM to get more done. The Adwords come with a daily budget of $330. This amounts to $10,000 per month or, 120, 000 per year.

AYM uses the grant to find new donors, volunteers, work efficiently from anywhere and, on any device. With the grant comes:

  • Apps for our supporters to take action
  • Personalized business email
  • 30GB of storage per any mailbox in Google Drive
  • Access to Google tools like Calendar, video conferencing on Hangouts and Classroom
  • Improved communications with our supporters.

Computer Education Program in Mattru Jong

Under the Supplementary Education Program, AYM recognizes that computers are here to stay.  Communities must plan on how they would use them for their benefits and economic progress.

AYM has launched PROJECT MJ 2015, a Computer Education Program. The objective of the program is to provide virtual and unlimited computer education access to students, as well as teachers, in the Mattru rural community.

Building the Computer Education Program on Success:

The AYM runs a Social Enterprise and Business Incubator Center with 24/7 electricity using solar, wind and diesel in Mattru Jong.

Kinds Of Support to Accomplish Our Goals

We are seeking donations – $5, $10, $25, $50 or more – to make this beautiful dream a reality.

We are also seeking knowledgeable and social media savvy volunteers to fundraise for PROJECT MJ 2015. Funds will be used to buy 25 – 30 computers, satellite Dish, Internet Access and other auxiliary items to run the project.

We need volunteers with lots of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and email subscribers to mobilize their networks in support of our fundraising endeavor via websites such as FirstGiving, Razoo, Fundrazr, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Crowdrise, etc

With the Google Grants for Nonprofits, hardware from Techsoup and Space in Mattru Jong, AYM is positioned to deliver sustainable online classes by online volunteers directly to students in Mattru Jong. We are very excited about these possibilities. 

In-kind donations are also welcome.


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