Supplementary Education Program

AYM Supplementary Education Opportunity and Training is a program to harmonize the gaps in Education due to lack of resources in rural communities.  The current focus is in Sierra Leone.

The Supplementary Education Opportunity Program is an online tool to reverse Africa’s social and economic marginalization.

AYM believes in developing people to build healthy communities. Our technology-driven Supplementary Education Opportunity Program brings “Teachers” and “Students” together in virtual classrooms that provide teaching, learning, coaching, and direction to supplement what they have learned or are learning to accelerate knowledge acquisition and career planning. 

How It Works:

AYM Provides the Virtual Classroom that students will access at the Social Enterprise and Business Incubator Center in Mattru Jong.  AYM recruits Online Volunteer teachers through Online Volunteering Services to deliver the classes, using projectors at the center to accommodate a larger class attendance.  Students may access the courses from our center, smartphone, or any Internet Cafe or private computer.

AYM’s only role is to facilitate the collaboration between TEACHERS and STUDENTS.

But AYM has plans…

To provide an expanded Internet Café at its Social Enterprise and Business Incubator Center beyond Mattru Jong by creating a database of reliable Internet Cafes in Sierra Leone to establish partnerships and provide opportunities for a broader population to benefit from the AYM services.

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