Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement is rooted in the community that we serve.  Our mission depends on creativity, entrepreneurship, individual support, volunteers, and those who care about creating a community for young people to secure employment and thrive socially and economically.   AYM envisages an entrepreneurial support system and employment creation for a healthy and financially sufficient society.

take action with campingWe value all contributions to AYM and our efforts.

Do you want to turn your PASSION into ACTION?  Work with AYM so that, together, we can discover new avenues of opportunity and increase our efforts in creating small businesses, jobs, and opportunities for youth in Africa.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about how.

Ways to Make a Monetary Donation:

Please make a secure online donation right here on our website.   You may choose specific programs for your support.

Make a Donation of Materials:

  • Sponsor our ECOTOURISM programs – Camping accessories, outdoors, and wilderness accessories.
  • For ART programs – Books, art supplies, Easels
  • For AGRICULTURE programs – Vegetable Seeds, Farm Tools, Gardening Supplies
  • For EDUCATION programs – Books, Computers,
  • For HEALTH programs 

More Ways to Donate:

Amazon Smile:

Shop at Amazon and support us.  On Amazon, you will automatically be asked to help the Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement, Inc.  For every item that you buy, Amazon donates a percentage to AYM.  It does not increase the cost of your purchase.

Sponsor an Event:

AYM Planned Yearly Events

  • The Annual Canoe Competition (Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone)
  • Ongoing Periodic Camping Activities
  • AYM Farms Festival (Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone)
  • The Annual Outdoors and Wilderness Festival (Bonthe District, Sierra Leone)
  • Africa Books Harvest Festival (USA)
  • Miscellaneous Donations Drive (USA – Ongoing)

To learn more about these events and how to sponsor them, please get in touch with Us.


If you have any questions, please call 703-672-0631 or Contact Us.  You can also reach us via Skype at african2000.


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