Utilizing Solar and Wind Energy, AYM Produces Enough Electricity to Charge Cell Phones, Purify Water, and Run the Only Internet Cafe in Bonthe District. AYM Creates Endless Adventures in Mattru Jong by Utilizing Moselleh Beach, the Waterfalls, and the Incredible Nature Surrounding Them. AYM Premier Sierra Leone Art Exhibition at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Elicited Community Art Participation. AYM Engages Young People in the Community to Establish Vegetable Gardens in Sierra Leone. AYM Empowers Rural Youth through Technology and Prepares them for employment in good paying jobs

AYM empowers and mobilizes Africa’s youth through employment

Who We Are

Twenty First Century African Youth Movement (AYM) empowers and mobilizes Africa’s youth through employment in technology, agriculture, education, ecotourism, entrepreneurship, and the arts. It is currently tackling Sierra Leone’s post-civil war youth unemployment challenge by developing the talent and skills of 15-35 year olds to create self-sufficiency, economic stability, community prosperity and social progress to establish long-term peace. AYM plans to expand its country-level support in Liberia, Ghana, and Gambia by the end of 2019.

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    Educate and employ youth in agribusiness, ecotourism, technology, and the creative arts.  

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