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Our Mission

Creating Jobs and Employment for youth in Africa​

Access to resources will enhance youth productivity and relevance to their communities

  • AYM is a youth-serving organization that encourages and works with young people to explore creative solutions to poverty.
  • AYM engages youth as change-makers in rebuilding and developing rural communities through innovative and progressive local-driven programs and enterprises.
  • AYM revitalizes youth potentials in rural communities for social and political stability through education, technology, agribusiness, eco-tourism, entrepreneurship, and the creative arts.
  • AYM facilitates increased access to critical resources and opportunities for rural youth. 
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Empowering and Mobilizing Africa’s Youth through Employment.

We Are, Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement (AYM)! We Are AYM!!! We work to transform lives and communities.

Our VISION is to reverse the social and economic marginalization of Africa with people, ideas, and resources.

Mobilizing Africa’s unemployed and underemployed youth is the key to the continent’s economic growth and future stability.

Education, skills training, jobs creation and entrepreneurship are keys to moving communities away from poverty, disease, and hunger.

Extinguishing Poverty through Innovative Strategies

Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement empowers rural youth through technology programs and prepares them for employment in good paying jobs and enables them to take control of their own future.


  • Extinguish Rural Poverty

    Help people acquire the right skills that will help them improve their livehoood.

  • Skill Development

    Provide youth with job training to acquire employable skills.

  • Youth Empowerment

    Shrink the share of youth most at risk of being left behind in the labor market.

  • African Intervention

    Promote youth self-employment in Sierra Leone as a model for our African intervention.

Our Core Values

1200 +
Lives Changed
10 +
Enterprises Created
0 K+
Members Worldwide
$ 1200 K+
Funds Raised

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What We Achieved

AYM means youth employment. Employment to increase the income of rural youth and an opportunity to increase their quality of life.  Right now, we have some key enterprises with the potential to expand more.

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What We Do

Bonthe District Youth Vegetable Team in Jong Chiefdom.

Agriculture Program in Sierra Leone

In launching the Sierra Leone Youth Vegetable Gardens program in 2007, AYM opened three sites to grow new crops like lettuce, carrots, cabbage, onions, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, green beans, and a wide variety of other vegetables and herbs…

Development of Ecotourism in Sierra Leone

Moselleh beach sits along the Jong River in Mattru Jong. It is also home to breathtaking waterfalls, fine white sand, and natural tree shades. Entertainment facilities will be established on Moselleh beach, and the volunteers will be trained…

Empowering the Next Generation is Key

Entrepreneurship is at the core of AYM Program Design. The organization will always seek financial support from well-wishers and donors. But, its future as an economic institution for the social good, lies in a solid business plan that would generate…

Our Priorities


Where We Work

AYM is Working to Make a Real Difference in Peoples Lives

Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement is currently working in these areas to help make a real difference. To find out more about the positive impact AYM makes in these areas of the world, please click below:



Sierra Leone

United Kingdom

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