10 Amazing Facts about Bonthe District

Bonthe District has one of the world’s largest deposits of titanium ore (rutile) in the world.


  1. Bonthe District comprises several Islands and the mainland. 
  2. According to the 2015 Census, the District population stands at two hundred thousand, seven hundred and thirty (200,730). 
  3. Bonthe District is the least populous in Sierra Leone. 
  4. The District is subdivided into eleven chiefdoms. 
  5. The District occupies a total area of 3, 468 km2. 
  6. Bonthe District is bordered on the West by the Atlantic Ocean, on the Northwest by Moyamba District, Southeast by Bo District, and South by Pujehun District. 
  7. The original natives of Bonthe District are the Sherbro people. 
  8. The Mende People immigrated to Bonthe District and today constitute the largest ethnic group in the District. 
  9. One of the World’s largest deposits of titanium ore (rutile) is in Bonthe District.
  10. A consortium of US and European investors have been mining rutile in Bonthe District since 1979.



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