Golden City of Africa

Freetown had a future. In years past – a very long time ago, Freetown was a very clean city full of hope. It was the pride of cities in West Africa – even across Africa. It was the metropolis of learning – the Athens of West Africa. Most of the most illustrious sons of Africa, passed through its gates of education and went on to transform their varied nations. It was a proud city which is no more. All that is left is a Dream for its Golden age to return. It is this passion, this overwhelming belief that possibilities abound that has led one of Sierra Leone’s greatest sons to outline a way forward in this seminal work of creative conceptualization:

Golden City of Africa: A transformational governance and development manual for local communities in Africa.”

Written as a facilitating tool with Freetown as a case study.

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About the book:

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This manual was borne out of a strong desire to bring development to a city that has remained neglected by the powers that be; one that lacks the development and maintenance culture, badly in need of attention.

The simple, but very practical ideas clearly outlined in this development and governance manual take away the impossibilities and complexities in achieving the dream of reconstructing a downtrodden city like Freetown, or any other deprived city in Africa, into a place fit for the cream of society to live happily with the rest of the people.

The dream of a golden city of Africa is not just to turn a city into a concrete jungle of skyscrapers, but rather to effect positive change in every facet of urban dwelling in such a way that the residents feel very comfortable, happy and truly contented to live the rest of their lives in that city. It is also like bringing their vacation destination right to their doorsteps, making it unnecessary to leave home for holidays! Also, in the case of today’s youth: to discourage the youth from risking their lives in the high seas in search of greener pastures in other cities.

The golden city of Africa would also develop “utopia-kind” neighbourhoods where people treat others with care, love and respect. This golden city satisfies all the aspirations of the United Nations Charter that “reaffirmed faith in the fundamental human rights, and dignity and worth of the human person”.

You need to examine this manual further to see how these ideals can be realised on planet earth and how simple user-friendly local ideas can successfully tackle complex mind-boggling global perplexities. I warmly invite you to read on…

About the Author:

Abraham Sesay-Jones is a patriotic Sierra Leonean and the Senior Pastor of Family Chapel Ministries in Freetown.

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