Fish Exporting Is Big Business In Africa

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, Africa exported $4.6 billion worth of fish in 2016 led by the following countries:-

1. Morocco: $1.2 billion
2. Mauritania: $607.3 million
3. Namibia: $489.9 million
4. South Africa: $441.6 million
5. Senegal: $365.2 million
6. Seychelles: $218.4 million
7. Tanzania: $169.2 million
8. Tunisia: $158.4 million
9. Uganda: $137.5 million
10. Mauritius: $133.2 million

While Morocco and Mauritania are Africa’s first and second biggest export earner from fish, Mauritius and Seychelles are Africa’s biggest job and wealth creator from fish. Uganda is among Africa’s top 10 fish superpowers because it is Africa’s #1 in in-land or in-country fishing away from the sea. No wonder, the Nile originates from Uganda, and it is hosts the Great Lakes of East Africa. Of course, Uganda has no access to the sea. But Nile + Lake Victoria + Lake Albert + Lake George + Lake Edward etc = enough. By the way, Uganda is the only among the top 10 fish exporters in Africa that has no access to the sea. Sierra Leone, on the other hand, has both access to the sea in addition to having 15 in-land fishing opportunities exceeding Uganda, according to FAO – Click to Follow Link.

Editor’s Note:  This story is from the Facebook page of Sidie Sheriff, a reputable Social Scientist with a razor sharp mind for analyzing contemporary social and economic issues with stints of historical perspectives on social media.

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