10 AMAZING Tourist Attractions At Moselleh Beach

Moselle Beach Community Members Assessing Work progress at Moselle- Photo credits: Dennis Glover
Moselle Beach Community Members Assessing Work progress at Moselle- Photo credits: Dennis Glover

Moselleh Beach – Tourism worldwide is rapidly adopting a vast new array of sustainable practices.  Our aim is to incorporate these practices into the AYM ecotourism plan for developing Moselleh beach in Mattru Jong. Eco travelers expect to leave a holiday destination knowing exactly where they made their contributions to humanity, to the environment and to the culture they visited. Ecotourism is the medium that helps build and reinforce important travel ethics that translate easily into high-value travel experiences for both visitors as well as locals. Ecotourism is a very successful environmental management and community development tool.

We envisage local ownership for the proposed AYM Moselleh Beach eco-tourism program.   It will operate under the AYM guidance with the hope of transforming it into an independent and self-funding program. The aim of the venture is to create awareness of the local culture and provide the locals and visitors with a recreational and educational experience while also appreciating the natural environment that Mattru Jong and the areas around it have to offer.

Most of the members of AYM are familiar with the potential of Moselleh Beach and, are indigenous to Mattru Jong. These People have made and still hope to make use of the land and the resources the area has to offer. For this reason, it is our duty to manage and maintain our natural land and resources for sustainability. The community approach to the ecotourism program, therefore, is mainly to ensure that the resources available are well protected and conserved.

Bonthe District comprises several islands and a mainland on the Atlantic Ocean in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. Its central district town is Mattru Jong, and the largest island is Bonthe or Sherbro Island. With its rich cultural history and numerous tourist attraction sites, AYM has chosen the Bonthe Island as the initial area in which to focus our ecotourism venture. We intend to tap into the tourism potential here for the development of the Sierra Leonean people.

Another major site that the AYM Ecotourism program will focus on is the Moselleh Beach. Found along the Jong River, this beach offers breathtaking waterfalls, fine white sand, and natural tree shades. It holds potential for a beehive of activities e.g. hobby fishing, Forecast safari, canoe sailing adventures through the Jong River amongst others.

Moselleh Beach is in Mattru Jong, the seat of government for Bonthe District. The Moselleh Beach prides itself with beautiful white sand as well as a natural swimming spot. The Moselleh Beach is just across from Wulai, home of the bamboo canes. Here is a List of 10 Things Visitors Can Do at Moselleh Beach:

Moselleh Beach - Photo credits: Dennis Glover
Moselleh Beach – Photo credits: Dennis Glover

1. Canoeing adventure on the majestic Jong River
2. Camping on Moselleh Beach
3. Fishing for African Freshwater Creatures
4. Swimming in the Majestic Jong River
5. Walking out over the Moselleh Waterfalls
6. Diving for Freshwater Oysters
7. Playing Frisbee on the White Sand Beach
8. Exploring the endless unique beaches of Moselleh
9. Cooking an authentic African meal on the beach
10. Wildlife Safari: Discovering incredible African birds and animals

Bonus:  Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement (AYM) operates in Mattru Jong, Bonthe District.

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