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Charitable Objects

The relief of unemployment and the advancement of education of people under 35 in Africa, in particular, but not exclusively by:

A. To specifically promote youth self-employment in Sierra Leone as a model for our African intervention.

B. To sensitize and raise the awareness of African youth on productive national and global citizenship.

C. To support African youths to acquire and build on sound social enterprise development and management skills.

D. To facilitate increased access for African youth to relevant social enterprise start-up and management resources.

E. To support and coordinate the evolution and strengthening of youth-focused social enterprise networks within African countries.

Donate seeds to provide sustainable food and income for rural families. Your gift helps alleviate some of the food insecurity in our rural communities.


Need new and lightly used Medical Equipment and Supplies Donation suitable for hospitals, clinics, or other organizations in need.


Donate Farm Tools - picks, shovels, cutlasses and, wheelbarrows. From your donations, we obtain and maintain farm equipment, ranging from new to lightly used.

Donate computers to support our programs. We take used, excess, and surplus computers. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and other gadgets.


Donate Art Supplies such as paints, brushes, canvas, markers, paints, colored pencils, Easels, and other supplies.  AYM uses art to tell the stories of Africa through eyewitness accounts.

We accept furniture donations such as chairs, beds, desks, tables, etc.  If you have new and lightly used furniture, please contact us.


Africa Books Harvest collects a wide variety of books through donations for free distribution to rural libraries. We accept new and gently used books for all age levels. Consider also monetary donations for shipment.

Cash donations to purchase canned foods for distribution to our youth volunteers and their families help support our feeding programs.  Please consider a cash donation.


We accept furniture donations such as chairs, beds, desks, tables, etc. If you have new and lightly used furniture, please contact us.


Minkailu Sama

Chairperson, Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement (England & Wales)


Minkailu Sama is Chairperson of TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY AFRICAN YOUTH MOVEMENT (England & Wales). Minkailu was born in Daru (Sierra Leone). He attended the Government Secondary School (Bo School) in Bo and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanography and Zoology from Fourah Bay College (University of Sierra Leone). Minkailu worked as a Fisheries Biologist at Tombo Fisheries Pilot Project (a joint fisheries project between GTZ of Germany and the government of Sierra Leone) for six years.


In 1990 Minkailu pursued a postgraduate course in Fish Marketing at the University of Hull in England UK.


In 1993 Minkailu Pursued a three-year programme in Nursing at Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool UK. In 1996 Minkailu proceeded to pursue a programme in Health Studies at the University of Wolverhampton in Wolverhampton UK – the course entailed looking at health from both a biological and sociological perspective, as well as health promotion and how it can prevent ill health.


Minkailu has worked for a number of National Health Service Trusts and private health companies in England since 1997.


Minkailu is currently studying part-time to become a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.


Hobbies: Current Affairs, Travelling, Sports and Reading.

Virtual Teachers and Educationalists

Seeking the UK volunteer tutors to deliver virtual sessions to students in Sierra Leone

Day Session





Ecotourism & Hospitality

Evening/Night Session

Literacy (Adult)

Numeracy (Adult)

Basic IT

ART Education

MUSIC Education



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