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Tourism worldwide is rapidly adopting a vast new array of sustainable tourism practices to incorporate within the AYM ecotourism plan. Eco-travelers expect to leave a holiday destination knowing exactly where they contributed to humanity, the environment, and the culture they visited.

Ecotourism is the medium that helps build and reinforce essential travel ethics that translate easily into high-value travel experiences for both visitors and locals. By default, it has become a very successful environmental management and community development tool.

Canoeing On the Jong River at Moselleh Beach


Moselleh Beach, Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone

Ecotourism in Sierra Leone and Moselleh beach is a recent development in the UN General Assembly that has given backing. There were many notable points to the ecotourism resolution adopted by the UN GA on 20 December 2010 [on the report of the Second Committee (A/65/440) – PDF of resolution].

One was to promote ecotourism as an instrument that can contribute to achieving those Goals, in particular, the Goals of eradicating extreme poverty and of ensuring environmental sustainability, and support the efforts and policies of developing countries in this field;

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

For AYM, ecotourism development for Moselleh Beach brings the people of Sierra Leone much-needed sustainable income, an opportunity to show off the wonders of the country. AYM is committed to developing African youth and their progress in the tourism sector. Moselleh Beach is the first attraction for ecotourism in Sierra Leone that AYM established.

Welcome to Moselleh Beach

The Development of Ecotourism in Sierra Leone

Moselleh beach sits along the Jong River in Mattru Jong.  It is also home to breathtaking waterfalls, beautiful white sand, and natural tree shades. Establish entertainment facilities on Moselleh beach, and the volunteers will be trained in professional customer service to continue bringing and entertaining more and more visitors in years to come.

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Guided Eco Tours
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Hobby Fishing
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100_4089-1600px-Crop - copy - copy - copy
Forest Safari
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Silver Sand Beach
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Wooden Canoe Sailing Adventure Through Jong River
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Interaction and Introduction of Cultures/ Livelihood of Locals
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Taste of Traditional African Food
Taste of Traditional African Dinner
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Professional Guided Tourist Attractions

Moseleh Beach - Mattru Jong
Bonthe District Attractions

Moselleh Beach offers amazing attractions to new and returning visitors craving some novelties in rural Sierra Leone.

Endless activities such as:

Traditional African dishes and beverages are served during guided eco-cultural tours. We also organize special trips to Bonthe Island, a beautiful place rich in history.

Service Charges:

  • Daily Individual guided Tour to Moseleh Beach: $50.00 for one or two persons.
  • Daily Group (3 plus) guided Tour to Moseleh Beach: $45.00 per guest.
  • Daily Groups over ten persons or planned camping program and activities, contact us at [email protected] for cost.
  • All daily activities include food and drinks (a traditional African dish), Optional Traditional beverage (Poyo).
  1. Visitors are responsible for their transportation to and from Moseleh beach.
  2. Guides will organize, manage and serve you during your tour.


  • There are no hidden costs, and you do not need to pay an extra charge other than stipulated costs.
  • We arrange Custom Packages. If you are interested, we can organize your tour to Bonthe Island and enjoy the beauty and history of Bonthe Island.



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