The Billion Dollar Ebola Project Presenter

The Billion Dollar Ebola Project Presenter

Josh Ruxin, PhD, MPH

Josh Ruxin is author of A Thousand Hills to Heaven: Love, Hope and A Restaurant in Rwanda, which chronicles his family’s adventures in Africa during the past decade. Ruxin is an international development pioneer whose radical rules for development in poor countries––learned the hard way during two decades living and working in Latin America and Africa ––have resulted in remarkable successes and a prescription for the future of America’s role in reducing poverty around the world. In Rwanda, his work helped raise the country from the hell of 1994 to its place today as the home of Equatorial Africa’s healthiest population and, unexpectedly, one of the best places on earth to start a new business. He has spoken frequently on television, radio, and in venues around the world, spreading the message of the role of the private sector in alleviating global poverty. Ruxin is the founder of Health Builders, on faculty at Columbia University, and with his wife runs Rwanda’s top restaurant, Heaven.


Tsike-Sossah Eyram Simon

Tsike-Sossah Eyram Simon
Tsike-Sossah Eyram Simon

Simon is the head of ACIPP Consulting and the Executive Director of ACIPP West Africa in the Netherlands. He holds a combined Bachelor’s degree in Social Science (Geography and Sociology) from the University of Cape Coast (2004); Masters in Development Studies also from the University of Cape Coast (2014). Finally, he recently completed a Master’s in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands (2012).

Simon is a certified “Civil Peace” consultant from the “Academy for Conflict Transformation” based in Bonn, Germany (2010).
Simon has more than 10 years experience developing, implementing and facilitating change across West Africa with focus on Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia.

As a content developer, Simon was part of the authors’ of the West Africa Civil Society Institute’s “Conflict Prevention Resource Pack for Civilian Actors in West Africa”; writing the youth development component of the manual.

Simon also authored at the request of WACSI the Monograph: ‘Promoting Youth Participation in Local Governance: “The Abusua Foundation Experience

Simon maintains a blog where he writes about his work, observations and politics of his travels. Simon’s strengths are networking, innovative thinking, creativity and producing results.


Annebeth Wijtenburg 

Annebeth is currently a Conference Producer and Research Journalist in the travel industry. Responsible for producing the content for a variety of global conferences, She is also the editor of a bi-monthly event&analysis newsletter and publishes a number of articles per week analysing the global travel retail market.

Annebeth has a strong background in research and analysis. Her work experiences span three continents and include large organisations such as the United Nations and The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Annebeth hold as MSc in Conflict Resolution and Governance and a BSc in International Relation and Latin American Studies. She is passionate about international relations and human rights.

She currently volunteers with the African Youth Movement, responsible of the production and moderation of webinars on the Ebola Crises in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.


The Billion Dollar Ebola Project free webinar will cover:
  • Transparent Use of Funds
  • Governance Accountability
  • Improving Health Infrastructure
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