Altcoins Take 2018 By Storm


Author: Lynda Biteete, Uganda
Author: Lynda Biteete, Uganda

For those still under the illusion that a cryptocurrency is a form of a Ponzi scheme, I will sadly inform you that the express train to the future has come and you have not bought your ticket. Altcoins means alternative coins, an alternative to the more prominent cryptocurrency taking the world by storm for example Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.






Earlier on this year/ month, Bitcoins market share made a huge drop due to the rise of smaller altcoins on the market. It, however, picked right back up and then dropped mid-month again. These swings only go to show the upcoming surge of altcoins and for any smart investor now is the time to jump on the train.

Here are the top 5 altcoins worth investing in:-

The Petro

The Petro is the new Venezuelan currency that the Venezuelan President has asked all ten countries in the Bolivarian alliance to support. He says he will back the Petro by the countries Oil, gold, and diamonds. There is so much buzz about the Petro on many finance sites that many investors are sure to embark on this investment, hence making it accessible and its value stronger.


Salt is a money lending blockchain that allows its users to get loans using their crypto assets as collateral. SALT gathered quite a bit of attention when its price doubled late last year; there is a buzz about the release of an even stronger platform which will only raise its popularity. It has a bright future in 2018.


NEO has its blockchain which digitally improves on Ethereum’s formula, and hence it is more secure and efficient. NEOs price has also been on the steady rise up.


EOS also has its blockchain structure and is running an ICO campaign until June 2018; this campaign is supposed to raise funds for this venture. The price of EOS has already tripled as investors observe the currency intently.


Is third generation crypto and even though it had terrible publicity last year due to some unfortunate partnerships it is still in the running and slowly gathering attention for its agility.

Story by Lynda Biteete – Enthusiast and Entrepreneur. Eager to learn more, desperate to be more.

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