Youth Employment in Africa Virtual Conference September 2022

Youth Employment in Africa:  Extinguishing Poverty through Innovative Strategies

Virtual Conference September 2022

AYM will hold an annual Youth Employment in Africa Virtual Conference September 2022 and invite you to participate in the conversation.   The 2022 conference is the beginning of preparation for future in-person meetings in anticipation of when the pandemic restrictions officially end.  The virtual conference will allow more people from other countries to participate during this conference.   

Dates and Times

The Youth Employment in Africa Virtual Conference September 2022 conference will consist of six sessions over three weeks: September 6, 8, 12, 14, 19, and 21, from 8:00 am to 11:00 am EST each day.

Youth Employment in Africa: Effective Strategies for Positive Outcomes.

The outcome of youth unemployment is social exclusion and unrest.  When nations invest in education and job creation simultaneously with training, youth get an opportunity to identify a space in the economy and social strata, thus contributing to prosperous and stable societies. 

Exploring the root causes of youth employment in Africa and finding solutions is what our 2022 conference is all about.  The overarching focus is to reverse Africa’s youths’ social and economic marginalization.  Most professional fields in Africa do not provide enough competitive jobs, so we have to be creative in providing opportunities for expanding job growth on the continent. 

Where do we start if we want to reverse the social and economic marginalization of the African youth?  We need practical and achievable solutions, something the conference anticipates from the varied responses we are expecting.  Six thematic conference sessions guide our presenters for more thoughtful contributions to the discussions.   The themes are as follows:

  1. Addressing Africa’s Youth Unemployment Through Industries.
  2. Global Dimensions of Africa Youth Unemployment
  3. How to Create Jobs for Youth in Cities and Towns
  4. How to Create Jobs for Youths in Rural Communities
  5. Capacity Building and Innovative Strategies
  6. Creating Employment through Good Governance
  7. Community-Based Initiatives to Africa Youth Unemployment

All participants planning to make presentations should send one-page abstract addressing any seven thematic areas.

Become an early and inaugural sponsor of our serial virtual and future hybrid conferences focusing on practical solutions to the problems of youth unemployment in Africa.  We aspire to bring together thought leaders, young entrepreneurs, aspiring young leaders, community leaders, and national policymakers to share ideas, thoughts, and strategies.  We use our events to collect and reproduce the practical solutions for engagement tools in direct and indirect interventions for job creation and business development.

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