Volunteer Aurelie Msiza From South Africa Brings Her Talent

Volunteer Aurelie Msiza From South Africa Brings Her Talent and Skills to AYM

UN online volunteer Aurelie Msiza is a hardworking and ambitious individual with a great passion for the Computer and I.T. industry.  She is currently in her freshman year, studying an interdisciplinary degree with my Majors in Computer Science and Behavioral Science at the New York Institute of Technology.  She has excellent communication skills, enabling her to communicate with a wide range of people effectively.  She is currently working as a Web Designer as well as an N.N.  Home Décor, Jan 2018 – Present.

As a Web Designer, her role is establishing design guidelines, standards, and best practices and maintaining the appearance of websites by enforcing content standards.

As a volunteer for the Twenty-First African Youth Movement, she has to provide support and ensure continuous and appropriate commitment; collaborate with organizations and institutions willing to pool resources to guarantee the best development and growth opportunities for the organization.  She provides the organization with many of her skills which include but are not limited to HTML, Microsoft Office, SQL, Multilingualism, Public Speaking, and Leadership.  Her previous volunteer experience includes: 

Student Volunteer, UNICEF South Africa, Jan 2018 – Present

As a UNICEF volunteer, her role is to share a civil and ethical commitment for the rights enshrined in the “United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child”; know and share UNICEF’s purposes, objectives, structure, and programs.  Student Volunteer, Refugee Welfare Association (REWAC) Cameroon, May 2020 – Present

As a volunteer for the Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon (REWAC), She is aiding the development of their 2020-2023 Strategic Plan and letter for open sponsorship/partnership requests.

She hopes to further improve her communicative and leadership skills from this volunteering opportunity.  The Twenty-First African Youth Movement has provided her with a platform to better the lives of others and grow herself as an individual.



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