Meet the Artist that Designed the AYM Logo

Graphic Artist Ildiko Toth

Online volunteer, Graphic Artist Ildiko Toth,  redesigned the AYM Logo.   All hands are on deck; Join the Movement NOW!

Nine United Nations Online Volunteers (UNOV) competed to completely design a new AYM Logo to replace the existing logo in use since 1992.  The new AYM Logo must portray a dynamic youth movement with beautiful, meaningful and simple visual effect. A total of 26 high quality logos were entered in the competition by nine UN Online Volunteers. To reach a final decision, suggestions as well as comments were solicited from the public. The involvement and participation of the public helped in making the final decision easier.

AYM settled on one of the designs entered by Ildiko Toth, a Graphic Artist from Portland, Oregon and, a UN Online Volunteer. The choice of Ildiko’s design was an outcome of a comprehensive review of all the entries, along with comments and suggestions, including a review meeting by the AYM staff and Social Media Strategy Team, which also comprised of UNOV members.

The winning AYM logo design, with an inscription of the new AYM tag-line, “Extinguishing Poverty through Innovative Strategies” reflects the re-branding of the organization and the clarity of its vision and values.

AYM Logo by Ildiko Toth
AYM Logo by Ildiko Toth

The choice of color is also significant. With varied shades and tones of Brown and symbolic gold, Toth created four hands representing the four cardinal points against a White background. Brown represents people. Gold represents Resources and White represents the peaceful communities that AYM envisages by mobilizing resources and reducing poverty through a global partnership for development. The central theme of the logo – the four hands and the map of Africa – represents the universality of AYM engagement across cultures to achieve our goals and objectives. The two-ring circles surrounding the central theme represents a oneness of purpose within the universe. The depiction of the four hands at each cardinal point of the map of Africa is an emphasis on work and relationships to make our vision a reality. The inscription on the new AYM logo, “Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement” is inscribed between the outer and inner parts of the rings, binding it all together in a solemnly universal appeal.

AYM is an organizational initiative that primarily engages youths as change makers in the rebuilding and development of Africa through innovative and progressive local community-driven programs and youth-focused enterprises. The organization’s focus is on youthful creativity, creating employment opportunities, developing and cultivating civic awareness, promoting indigenous Arts, Culture and history, engaging in agricultural enterprise, local tourism, education, community health and social entrepreneurship.

About the Artist


Ildiko Toth left her native Hungary to reside in the United States in 2000. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Advertising Management from Portland State University, Ildiko shares her expertise in the field through volunteer work. She began volunteering for various organizations in 2007 as a Graphic Designer.

Ildiko’s passion for volunteerism emerged from experiences in her personal life. Since meeting her husband, who is originally from the Palestinian Territories, she became increasingly aware of the cultural forces that affect our day-to-day lives. With this awareness, she became dedicated to promoting social awareness, international development and peace through creativity.

Toth believes that volunteering poses a challenge that motivates her to make a difference. Projects that require creative thinking and cultural understanding ignite her interest in gaining different experiences and perspectives on things. As an Online Volunteer for the United Nations, she feels that she is able to bring the world closer to her despite just being at home and in front of the computer.

Ildiko Toth’s past online volunteering projects include:

  • Layout design for Use of Medicinal Herb Survey Report in the Himalayas for Grace Association Pakistan.

  • Electronic announcement, poster for a photo contest, and a brochure with the best photos for Good Governance Unit of UNDP in Uzbekistan.

  • Outreach materials, including press release, Q&A templates and a brochure design of the Good Governance Unit of UNDP Uzbekistan.


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