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Extinguish Poverty In Africa Through Innovative Strategies

This is a campaign to spread our brand and make money for our rural youth employment programs. Every shirt advances our mission to employ one youth in our Sierra Leone program.

You see, Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement (AYM) was founded in 2000, as a (501) (c)3 non-profit and private volunteer organization. Our mission is to educate and employ young people in technology, agribusiness, ecotourism, entrepreneurship, and the creative arts to revitalize Sierra Leone’s potential and bring its population social and political stability. AYM is focused on developing new and exciting enterprise opportunities for young people in Sierra Leone who are increasingly becoming the country’s silent vulnerable population. AYM’s goal is to foster confidence, power, and an entrepreneurial spirit of creativity and teach practical skills required to excel in the twenty-first century.

With COVID19, work has become even more demanding as we rely on the Internet to market our vision to the world. We know there are people out there like you who believe in helping others to help themselves. Lots of help have come our way. We want to continue reaching out to a broader audience through our brand while at the same time raising funds.

Donors and volunteers are our lifeblood. Every dollar counts. Every volunteer matters. Dollars plus volunteers make AYM what it is and, we are grateful. Please consider buying a shirt. We also appreciate your token donation.

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