African ART Ville

African ART Ville is a program of the Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement (AYM).  Africanartville exists to promote an appreciation for African Art and Culture.  We accomplish this through supporting artists, holding exhibits, and conducting presentations.  We further strive to use art to promote African history, historical tours, good health, education, and economic self-sufficiency.

If you would like to help our organization either monetarily, through an in-kind donation, or by volunteering, listed below are some items and areas where we could use your assistance.

  • Office Space
  • Office furniture
  • Office supplies
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Books on
  • African art
  • Software Photo Copier
  • Art Supplies
  • Digital camera
  • 6-8 passenger van
  • Volunteer assistance
  • Art Books
  • Center

To make a donation or to learn more about Africanartville, please call Askia at (703) 672-0631or email [email protected]

We encourage you to explore, learn some more about this exciting continent and its people, art and culture. You will find amazing African artworks by notable artists, read about art trends and gain some cultural experience and insight about Africa. You will discover excellent and current ideas at our “What’s New?” page. At our “Artist’s Profile” page, you will read all about the artist to understand “The Art Work.” You will then have an opportunity to befriend and adopt these artists through various forms of sponsorship. Eventually, you could even subscribe to the “African Art 2000 online Magazine”, helping us build a readership clientele that will eventually transform into a traditional edition of the online magazine.

Visit Africanartville for more information


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