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Contemporary African Art

The Arts at African Artville is exploring the role of the artist in several circumstances:  Is the artist an idealist or a trendsetter? What about a storyteller or a historian? Can the artist be folkloric or an agitator? These are some of the questions that African Artville is exploring.

African Art

African Art

A Space to Express

Creating a forum for African expressive art and art of the African Diaspora allows for answers to these questions.

Through African Artville, we will harvest the many African talents available to stimulate expressive imagination and to visually tell Africa’s story for the present and future.

African Artville is the forum for African artists to express and convey their individual artistic experiences, collectively exciting scholarly attention while at the same time reaching out to a broader audience.

Cover Photo: Behind Rebel Lines

Art of the Sierra Leone civil war

Our current art exhibition project, “Representations of Violence: Art about the Sierra Leone Civil War,” is an important achievement within our organization, for it presents an opportunity for people to unite in an attempt to see and improve the conditions in Sierra Leone.

The purpose of this project is to produce an art exhibition, which depicts the history of the Sierra Leonean civil war. The visceral potency of the artists’ unique interpretation of events affords the potential for humanitarian impact. Through this exhibition and its related conference, catalog, video, website, and outreach programming, the people of Wisconsin will be given an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the complexities of such situations.

Sierra Leone civil war art

Sierra Leone civil war art

Future art exhibitions

Our future art exhibition project entitled, “Imagining Africa: Building Bridges Through Artistic Perception” holds great potential to be a vehicle of individual and community growth.  It requires one to be open and actively desiring to know an experience the peoples and cultures of Africa in ways unfamiliar.  Each of the 15 artists will begin his/her journey by “imaging” Africa and painting three paintings.  The next phase, requires a 2-week visit to Sierra Leone, after which another 3 paintings depicting Africa “realized” will be collected from the artists.  The before and after paintings of Africa will be exhibited in a finale event.

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