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Welcome to the Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement website.  The central AYM objective is to increase youth integration in the economic and social life of Africa by extinguishing poverty through innovative strategies – anything that would gainfully capture the imagination of young and unemployed young people in our rural communities of operation.

AYM engages youth as social change-makers in the redevelopment of communities to reverse the social and economic marginalization of our rural town of Mattru Jong and, our nation, Sierra Leone.

Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement (AYM) empowers and mobilizes Africa’s youth through employment in technology, agriculture, education, ecotourism, entrepreneurship, and the arts. It is currently tackling Sierra Leone’s post-civil war youth unemployment challenge by developing the talent and skills of 15-35-year-olds to create self-sufficiency, economic stability, community prosperity and social progress to establish long-term peace. AYM plans to expand its country-level support in Liberia, Ghana, and Gambia by the end of 2019.

Lisa O’ Leary, a Volunteer mobilized through the United Nations Online Volunteering Services at www.onlinevolunteering.org created this channel trailer.