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Employ Youths in Sierra Leone !

Employ youths and support AYM mission to increase our impact – with your $25 donation!

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60% of young women and men between the ages of 14 and 35 are unemployed, which is among the highest in West Africa. Sierra Leone’s youth are living on less than US $2 per day.

Professor Dr. David Baumler

Professor Dr. David Baumler

End Youth Unemployment in Sierra Leone Through Large-scale pepper farming!


In response to the #Ebola crisis in West Africa, AYM is focused on the #PostEbolaStrategy to create jobs for thousands of unemployed youths. The #AYMPepperChallenge campaign raises awareness to fund large-scale pepper farming in Sierra Leone.


AYM wants YOU to take the #aympepperchallenge.  Challenge your own friends after eating a pepper of your choice.  Make it mild or, make it hot.  That’s even better!   Remember to take and post a video of yourself taking the pepper challenge.  Conclude the fun challenge with a kind  donation to AYM.  We encourage you to give $5, $10, $50, $100 or whatever amount you can afford.  After your donation, nominate a friend or two on any social media platform of your choice. Please remember to include the hashtags: #AYMPEPPERCHALLENGE and #POSTEBOLASTRATEGY.  Also, remember to share the AYM website www.aym-inc.org.  You are welcome to send us your video and we will upload it on the AYM channel.

Take the challenge – build a momentum and make a difference! 

How the Pepper Challenge works:

Say why YOU are taking this Pepper Challenge and making YOUR donation to AYM.  You can say something creatively inspirational  on any topic relating to global Youth unemployment – Poverty, Ebola, Volunteerism, charity, or anything.  Use YOUR judgement.Pepper plant1

Next, eat your choice of mild or hot pepper.  If you can, let the whole world know which variety of pepper you have chosen.  Remember, it can be anything from sweet to hot.  Announce how much you are donating to AYM for this great opportunity to Do Good and Have Fun.

Next, go ahead and nominate at least 1 or 2 of your friends on a chosen social media platform of your choice. Ask your friends to take the pepper challenge and share on social media as well as nominate their own friends to continue the chain.  Remember to keep the chain going…

Also, remember to include the hashtag: #aympepperchallenge #postebolastrategy in your post with a link, to the AYM donation page.