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Computer to Connect Mattru Jong to Digital Economy –


Basic Computer Training at the AYM Center.

Basic Computer Training at the AYM Center.

Developing countries that invest in broadband infrastructure exhibit dramatic results. Broadband is an economic gain and a number of studies show how Internet connectivity can improve lives in social and welfare capacities in enhancing health and education services, creating enhanced government services, and increasing productivity.

The population of Mattru Jong is approximately ten thousand.  The town is facing the most vexing problems of illiteracy and youth unemployment. Mattru Jong does not have high-speed broadband access.  There are no imminent plans to invest in a reliable Internet infrastructure for Mattru Jong. Without a new out-of-the-box initiative that infuses new skills and ideas into the community, Mattru Jong, like similar towns in Sierra Leone, will continue facing a bleak future.

Problem Summary:


  • High-Speed Broadband Access is Now a Requirement for Economic and Social Gain
  • Without High-Speed Broadband Access, Mattru Jong Faces a Bleak Future
  • No Government or Service Provider Initiatives Planned
  • There are Thousands of Similar Villages in Sierra Leone and Rest of Africa


African Youth Movement (AYM)’s Vision


AYM Sierra Leone Social Enterprise Center and Business Incubator.

AYM Sierra Leone Social Enterprise Center and Business Incubator.

AYM was established as a nonprofit NGO by Abu-Hassan Koroma.  Koroma who emigrated from Sierra Leone to the USA in 1991.  His objective was to create employment opportunities for young people in Sierra Leone.  AYM opened a Community Center in Mattru Jong in 2013.  The center was closed down during the Ebola crisis in 2014. Koroma’s vision is to reopen the facility and establish a sustainable and self-funded Information and Communications Technology (ICT) center.  The center will connect Mattru Jong to the global e-commerce economy and provide a foundation for new and higher paid job opportunities.  It will also provide real-time information.  These improvements will enhance the lives of the citizens of Mattru Jong.



  • Establish a Sustainable ICT Center Based on VSAT
  • Train and Enable the Citizens Using  Massive Open Online Courses
  • Leverage Global Best Practices and UN Volunteers to Minimize Cost
  • Expand Model to Villages & Neighboring Countries


Sustainable Long-Term Business Model


The foundation of the ICT project is based on the Broadband Commission for Digital Development – a premise that high-speed affordable broadband connectivity to the Internet – is essential to modern society. Therefore, the primary focus of this project is to provide affordable high-speed broadband to Mattru Jong.  Based on a detailed analysis of other Internet options, we have determined that VSAT is the only viable solution. Once the broadband connectivity is in place we will train and educate the population in Mattru Jong in computer literacy and the internet.  We will also offer services that aid monetization and enhances social benefits.

Required Investment:


  • Sign $45K VSAT Annual Contract
  • 25 Computers
  • Hire Staff of 4 Experience Professional
  • $175,000 over Two Years